Tuesday, May 3, 2011

styling project

I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed working on this project with Tambi Lane. She is a true artist who digs what she does and MOD FOX loved collaborating with her on this journey.

Tambi came to me wanting help styling a photo shoot and video to promote her work. She had a vision of using a vintage VW bus with oranges {she talks about this in the video below}. This concept was a total no brainer for me. I immediately saw 70's...retro...boho...granny chic playing in my head. It was easy as pie to do the styling, the modeling...not so much.

For me the concept called for a very "unstyled" feel. I wanted it to seem as though we had just pulled up for a glamorous camp out and all of the goodies spilled out of the bus. The clothing was a blast. Everything was from my closet except for an edited selection from Urban Gypsy Soul {my fav travelling boutique, credits below}. I believe the vision was brought to life and Tambi's genius photography captured every glorious moment. So. Much. Fun.

Hard work never looked so good!

Aztec shirt: Gypsy Soul

Flare denim: Gypsy Soul
Check out the video...

Thanks Tambi...you ROCK my world!


  1. You did a great job styling this set! It was very interesting to look at all the different things going on. At first I thought she was a fiber artist with all the blankets and pillows in the set. But then I watched the video, how fun!

  2. wow, the shoot is amazing! Love love love the one of you lying amongst the oranges. I think I need that red floral robe you are wearing. And all those props! Is that all your personal stuff? Jeesh woman, you did good.

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments. Jackie, the robe is actually a thrifted find from the GW! Yes, all of the props are MOD FOX property. I have been collecting for years now, some is out on display in my home, but a lot is in storage for jobs just like this.