Monday, May 9, 2011

local love - blog series

This is a blog series about things I love here in my local town....people, places, art and more! While I adore and use internet shopping frequently, I do my best to support local talent. I hope you enjoy this series!

First up is the lady who inspired this idea, and I don't even know her. It is quite frequent that I see amazingly stylish peeps here in Bend. Why is this surprising? Because I live in a town of around 80,000 people up in the Central Oregon high desert. A ski town. A mountain town. Population was about 15,000 fifteen years ago. Most people here wear parkas and Uggs. With all this, I still manage to see a lot of people rockin some serious style.

Sally is one of these. I ran into her and her husband at the Portello Wine Bar and loved her unique look. She hails from the Midwest and is a teacher by trade. I loved her beret, her scarf, and her laid back "I look great but did not try that hard" look.  Oh, and the chick is BUFF.

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