Monday, May 16, 2011

BLUSH - cuz safety comes first

We had a blast at the event on Saturday, BLUSH...the RED party continues a benefit for Planned Parenthood. This was some seriously fun times y'all! Tiny was an after hours grown up party with a lot of "safe sex" talk, NO children {or livestock} were harmed in the making of these photos!!

 Things learned from this event:

*Dude, this is seriously a fun job even if we were exhausted the next day!
*Lighting a night club for photos, not so easy. Shadows haunted every shot, but we learned what NOT to do for next time.
*Drinks + Props = GREAT PHOTOS
*A certain amount of space is required for equipment not to get destroyed. Again...a good lesson for our next job!
*When handcrafting props..use extra glue. A LOT of manhandling happens to said props.

Here is the video, ENJOY!