Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FUN Room Makeover

I had the pleasure of working with a very sweet nine year old girl to create her a "grown up" space. Phoenix had recently left the bedroom she shared with her sister and we had a new room that was a clean slate. Literally, there was a mattress in the corner and a hodgepodge of left over furniture in the room. It was fun to have to start from scratch. It was not so much fun to have to accomplish this in five days. That's right FIVE days. You see, this room makeover was used for a local magazine her in Bend Oregon called True North Parenting. It was a blast to be asked and I loved every minute of working on this project with Phoenix and her Dad {who did all the painting}.

My goal was to bring in her favorite items and colors. She said she wanted red and blue, but that could easily look too primary or fourth of july-ish. So I used red and paired it with an turquoise blue for a more sophisticated pallet. Phoenix is of Asian descent so she wanted that represented in the room along with her love of karate. Easy as pie.

Here is the result...

Her parents had this fabulous mid-century furniture that I had painted red and gold. This could have come out too serious if it wasn't for the clean and modern white walls. 

This bed was another gem they had hidden in a closet! After she was painted gold it became the star of the room {besides Phoenix herself}!

Chinese lantern installation.

Phoenix said her favorite thing in the room was this peacock mirror.

All images and photography by Tambi Lane {Best in Bend!}

I can't wait for another project like this!

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